Wick forms Community Grant Program to help advertisers.

Wick Communications, a family-owned multi-media company, has established a Community Grant Program to assist locally owned businesses during COVID-19 crisis. As a trusted local partner, we understand what you are going through and have stepped forward to support our community. Community organizations are encouraged to apply in the effort to promote and market themselves during this challenging time, in the …

Newspaper Website Editorial Tutorials

Wick Newspapers

Townnews Videos (Wick Digital)https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfjj_4wfaOZaARwj6NdG1jR_YRQZ5Obmy How to create a crop region:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYmyyOUk3Ic&list=PLfjj_4wfaOZaARwj6NdG1jR_YRQZ5Obmy&index=9&t=90s Here is everything you need to know about Assets and Uploading.https://help.bloxcms.com/knowledge-base/applications/editorial/assets/ Quick Start: Create an article asset:https://help.bloxcms.com/knowledge-base/applications/editorial/assets/tasks/article_441c069e-2bf7-11e5-b4cb-e30aad114741.html Create an article asset:https://help.bloxcms.com/knowledge-base/applications/editorial/assets/tasks/article_441c069e-2bf7-11e5-b4cb-e30aad114741.html Batch uploading:https://help.bloxcms.com/knowledge-base/applications/editorial/assets/faq/article_14c3c68c-9c30-11e8-8516-037f5c912a6d.html Assets Workspace:https://help.bloxcms.com/knowledge-base/applications/editorial/assets/workspace/article_b13b358a-a6fd-11e4-8193-eb6adc0c9ade.html Batch-Edit:https://help.bloxcms.com/article_b13b358a-a6fd-11e4-8193-eb6adc0c9ade.html#batch_edit Search Term – Asset Workspace:https://help.bloxcms.com/article_55affefa-959f-11e8-b6a9-5b559e8037df.html Setting presentation modes on articles:https://help.bloxcms.com/article_b13b358a-a6fd-11e4-8193-eb6adc0c9ade.html#batch_edit

How to create a photo gallery on Blox website

By: Alessia Alaimo, Digital Manager Login to Blox website admin.townnews.com Step 1: Go to Menu on the left of the browser window and click on Editorial/Assets. (Same place you create an article or upload a photo) Step 2: Create a New Asset > Collection Step 3: Click on Add to Find Assets already uploaded to the website, Batch Upload with …

How does a subscriber change credit card info on Blox websites?

The easiest way for a subscriber to change credit card information under their user dashboard. Step 1: Go to site, log in and go to “My Account” and go to manage subscriptions> renew subscription Step 2: Click on link to “use a different card”

AZ Regional Meeting – August 21, 2019

By: Dru Sanchez and Jennifer Sorenson Here is the presentation from Wednesday along with notes on the 5 steps to Sales Success. Included also is the programmatic training slides from Alycia Anderson.

How to close any print or digital sale with search


By: Sean Fitzpatrick, Digital & Central Design Director Contained in this article is a step-by-step approach on how you can use the free search analysis tool, Ubersuggest, to quickly show advertisers the opportunities in their markets and why they need to run a regular print ad with SEO-enhancement and the Origami display ad, or a digital-only impressions campaign on our …

Phishing Emails

By Debbie Marple, Director of Administrative Services Over the past few days we have been conducting a test of our responsiveness to phishings based email scams.  On August 7, I sent out this graphic which explained the proper procedure to follow if you encounter an email that appears to be from our company but looks suspicious, directing each employee to forward the …