Crisis Marketing and Survival Strategies by Ryan Dohrn

With so many daily uncertainties, we are all asking ourselves tough business questions — especially with regard to survival, cash flow and marketing. Your partners at Wick Communications have asked nationally known marketing expert Ryan Dohrn to share 10 marketing survival strategies to help you survive COVID-19 and thrive when this crisis subsides.

About your webinar host Ryan Dohrn:
Ryan Dohrn is an Emmy winner, best-selling business book author and was recognized by with the “Best of the Best” award for his business strategies. Ryan’s focus is marketing, sales, leadership and team performance. His passion for sales and marketing has given him the unique opportunity to touch half a billion dollars in revenue for companies in 7 countries. He has held leadership roles at the Walt Disney Company and his management insights have been featured in USA Today and on CNN. Ryan is an internationally certified business coach, has trained over 20,000 professionals and works monthly with companies in 15 business sectors.

Here is a link to download the slides Ryan presented: